In reference to Paula's note below, all materials for Main Library
classified in

Dewey 600-699 - should now be assigned to

BST (Business, Science & Technology)

unless another agency has specifically ordered/requested the item

22 April 2008

Books in the 600 classification

Most Main Library adult books classified in Dewey 600 through 699 are going to be available in the Business Science and Technology department. We are in the process of moving them from Social Science Education and Religion to BST.

This includes all 600's. They include:

Parenting books that used to be in GI and later SSER. Psychology books that used to be in SSER.

Public health books that used to be in SSER.

The adult books in the Technology Literacy and Career Center that will stay there and if there are any bestsellers in Popular Library they stay there. As do any individual items that may be in other places.

Items being moved from SSER to BST are being individually changed in the catalog. There is also a lot of weeding going on. Because we are about half done I'm sending this out so all staff is aware of the change.

Paula Kaczmarek Manager, SSER

R.D./Bibliographic Division/4-23-2009